So, farewell 2008

For the last few years I've used a montage to help churches reflect on the year past, and here is this year's.

It's an easier one than in years gone by, the stories this year seem to have been written in marker pen on billboards, rather than in pencil in the margins.

A small prize to the first person to corectly identify each person or story here.

My prayer for you in this year ahead is that you'd know true prosperity; that you'd have enough to meet your needs, and the needs of those God puts in your way.


Anonymous said…
Came across this article in the Times this morning:
Jonathan said…

It's an excellent article, and one which I read with an open mouth last week. I was staying with relatives, and rushed out to several newsagents to buy my own copy, to no avail.

It's a story that raises many interesting questions, not the least of which is quite what it might take to shake Mr Parris's athiesm!

I guess, like Simon Jones on his blog on this article recently, I wonder how we get to a place where the gospel has such an obvious effect in whole communities here in the UK.
Anonymous said…
another Times article to ponder - it's Dawkins again ...

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