A Habakkuk Psalm

A few weeks ago I led a 2-part series on Habakkuk in our evening services. The first week was a kind of bird's eye view, looking at the setting in the minor prophets - what they were, why they're often ignored, and why it's important to grapple with them - the situation Habakkuk was writing into, and a brief overview of the book. In the second week we looked at how Habakkuk raises questions about God's compassion, his presence and his judgement. And we saw how God dealt with these questions. Habakkuk's response to the situation he saw with his own eyes, and the conversation he has with God is to write an outpouring of praise, a psalm, meant to be read with passion.

Our response to the message, as a congreagation, was to write our won psalm, with people being invited to submit a line, or comment, or scripture. What follows below is a copy of those comments, arranged a little, and is the reult of our reflection on Habakkuk, the world we find ourselves in, and what we perceive of God's ministry in our lives.

Lord, you are the creator of all things, you hold the universe in your hands, thank you that you care for me

I know you hold the future, because you have held it in the past

Even if you slay me I will still trust you

Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my saviour

I will lean not on my own understanding for your thoughts are not my thoughts

Lord, I stand in awe of you when I consider what you have done for me

The mystery of the Lord is a wonderful thing. His ways are not of this world, hallelujah!

I cast all my care on you for you care for me

Speak O Lord, I long to hear, your words that take away my fear. Those words that speak to me of love and lead me to my home above.

Lord, how marvellous are your works, continue to work in your people

Lord, I rejoice in your love me, bring the prodigals I know and love back into that place of joy, back to the place of joyful obedience to you.

Looking at the world, it is hard, but that thank you that Jesus came to heal and save, help me to trust more and rejoice

Although I am low, I will rejoice

You have come that I might have life, and have it in all fullness

Woe to my work colleagues, who trust only in their own strength, yet may they hear of your fame and trust in your Son

Open my eyes that I might see beyond the limits of human sight – give me the eyes of faith

O Lord my God, though many have turned away. Give me strength that I may hold on to you and walk in your ways

What I can't see, what I don't know, what I can't change, what I can't do: these O Lord where I trust in you

You are so faithful, your love never changes.


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