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Disasters Emergency Appeal for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Please support this latest appeal by the DEC, phone the number above or click on this link. Please, just do it now. You can find out more here.

Review of "The Shack"

*Spoiler Alert - I will reveal some of the plot in this post* I was loaned a copy of The Shack by William P Young recently. Over the course of the last few weeks I've been reading it as spare time allows, and finished it this week. So, what to make of it, and it's popularity? Well, in reply to a friend who asked for a quick response I penned this: It's not entirely without merit, and there were some interesting thoughts that caused a few moments reflection. I did, however, find it quite sentimental. I guess if you imagine putting "The Road Less Travelled", "The Celestine Prophecy", "The Search for Significance" and "A New Kind of Christian" into a blender and whizzed "The Shack" is what might result. It's a good story, and it does involve and pull the reader in and along, but I'm not sure it's saying anything that an up-to-date reader of contemporary Christian thinking would have read better elsewhere. Oh

Christian Falk Ft Robyn - Dream On (Released 17/11/08)

A great, haunting and moving sound, with a vid that plays with expectations and prejudice - I'm wondering if there's a place to use this over Advent.

Cutting through the stereotypes

As I watch coverage of the US election I am continually alarmed at the way the american public is stereotyped as middle-class liberals who support Obama, or big business and working class patriots supporting McCain. Add to this mix perceptions around sex and race, and this campaign has at times revealed an ugly underbelly of people's perceptions (as well as the reality) around voting motivations. This morning I found this article from the BBC's website. Matthew Price has been following the McCain campaign and came across "Cupcake" an "unusual" Obama supporter. May God use videos like this to prevent us from falling into the trap of assuming we know about people by the way they look or sound!