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Blue Christmas 2011

This year, alongside the usual Nativity plays and candlelit carol services we are again offering something different. For those who have experienced bereavement, redundancy or loss there is the opportunity to join with others at a “Blue Christmas” church service. Using seasonal music, prayers, reflection and stillness there will be a chance to seek comfort and hope together. There will also be a time to light candles as we remember loved ones, or difficult situations that have caused pain over this last year.  For many people 2011 has been a tough year, and 2012 is looking hard too. We wanted to give people a chance to be honest about how they are feeling this Christmas, and also to reach out for hope and comfort. And we also want to remember that the Christmas story is not just a happy one, it’s about a child being born in difficult circumstances, and into a family that had to flee persecution. It’s a story that has something to say to those of us struggling with difficulty today