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Sunday Nights @ Broad Street

We've begun our series of seeker events on Sunday evenings, where we're partnering with Saltmine and the Church @ Broad Street. This week Jon Turner from Saltmine will be speaking on Expectation and Surprise in the Christmas story. Jon Bruton playing guitar, and joined by some talented vocalists from Broad Street. We're starting at 7pm, finishing around 8pm then having refreshments. Do come if you're around.

Partnership with Saltmine and Church @ Broad Street

Last night saw the formal beginning of the partnership of Church @ Broad Street, Saltmine and Tabernacle Baptist Church, Wolverhampton. We're working together to ensure the continuance of Christian ministry at Broad Street. Here are the words we used last night, closely sourced from Gathering for Worship. Introduction We have gathered to mark the beginning of a new phase in the life and witness of the Church at Broad Street, Tabernacle Baptist Church and Saltmine. We come to affirm our belief that these churches and organisations have been led by the Spirit as they have explored the possibilities of shared ministry together here in Wolverhampton. Because of that, we make this mutual commitment to each other, and to the city. Today we have come to witness the beginning of a season of collaboration and exploration, of hope, of challenge and of renewed commitment to Christ, and his growing Kingdom. As representatives of Church at Broad Street, Tabernacle Baptist Church and Saltmine