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Beyond 400, an Assembly and a Conversation

In ten days time the Baptist Union of Great Britain and BMS World Mission host the annual Baptist Assembly.  This year it’s in London, and we’ll be marking the 400 th anniversary of Baptist Churches in the UK. You can read the details of the assembly here at  the Baptist Assembly website This will take place against a backdrop of an ongoing conversation and decision-making process about the future shape of the Baptist Union. If you’ve yet to catch up with what’s been happening then take a look at the Baptist Futures Group page and read the articles there (it's not terribly well laid out so you'll need to poke around a bit..). As part of this conversation a group of friends began an online discussion called Beyond 400 , where 40 people would write a short article and offer it for discussion. It’s been a place of rich creativity and conversation. As well as the 40 voices who’ve been asked to contribute there is a space for others to “fly a kite”  and offer their o

Easter and Holidays means...

a lack of blogging, sorry! I’m catching up on a number of things I’ve been meaning to blog about. Some of these subjects are way overdue, and for that, kind reader,  I apologise. First up – Beyond 400, the Baptist Assembly, and a good online conversation