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Christmas messages

I have taken some time the last few days, following the Christmas activities, to read some of the messages friends and family have sent in their greetings cards. I love the messages we send each other at Christmas. I love too that we remember that we serve and have fellowship with a God who communicates with us. John uses his language carefully as he writes the gospel, “in the beginning was the word, and the word was God…and the word became incarnated and lived amongst us…” God sends a maessage, a word, his word, the word. And that message? Well, it seems to me we’ve gotten a bit confused about it. Some have mistaken it as bad news “You’re in big trouble with God!” or an offer of fire insurance “heading for hell? Depend on Jesus…”. Some think the message is about rules, regulations, committees, structures, abstract concepts and remote ideals. The message was and is more simple. God’s word to us at Christmas was and is “I love you”. I love you. I love you just as you are, but far


Christmas Crackers and cards Reindeer and robins Snowmen and Santa Decorations and duckling Legs of turkey and laden trees Tacky baubles and tinkling bells Dodgy telly and dodgier tummies Cranberry sauce and carol singing Shepherds and stars, angels and animals Incense and innkeepers, myrrh and mangers Gifts of gold and Gabriel’s song, Magi’s worship and Mary’s wonder Joseph’s heart jumps at baby’s first cry, a child has been born and a crowd has been drawn. Then from Bethlem’s crib to a cruel cross, from a virgin womb to a borrowed tomb From babe’s first cry to blood’s last drop, from the child’s laugh to the dying man’s gasp From the wronged to the loved comes the gift of forever The babe is then wrapped in the leftover paper The box is stashed with the tinsel and lights The love of the Father awaits rediscovery In the unexplored package Left in the cupboard Christmas