Crackers and cards

Reindeer and robins

Snowmen and Santa

Decorations and duckling

Legs of turkey and laden trees

Tacky baubles and tinkling bells

Dodgy telly and dodgier tummies

Cranberry sauce and carol singing

Shepherds and stars, angels and animals

Incense and innkeepers, myrrh and mangers

Gifts of gold and Gabriel’s song, Magi’s worship and Mary’s wonder

Joseph’s heart jumps at baby’s first cry, a child has been born and a crowd has been drawn.

Then from Bethlem’s crib to a cruel cross, from a virgin womb to a borrowed tomb

From babe’s first cry to blood’s last drop, from the child’s laugh to the dying man’s gasp

From the wronged to the loved comes the gift of forever

The babe is then wrapped in the leftover paper

The box is stashed with the tinsel and lights

The love of the Father awaits rediscovery

In the unexplored package

Left in the cupboard



Holy Famoley said…
Glad I dropped by, Jonathan. I like your reflection of two halves.
Anonymous said…
Very inspiring. christmas is often abused for the sake of commercialism, isn't it? We have to be very careful to keep the Main Thing the main thing...

I do love Christmas.

I really enjoyed perusing your blog. I'll be back frequently.
Hazel said…
Thought provoking - thanks for sharing.
Kel said…
great prose jonathan

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