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London Baptist Association announce new Regional Minister (Team Leader)

For a couple of years I was part of LBA, and appreciated immensely the wisdom and leadership of the then team leader of the regional ministry team, Pat Took. She is an outstanding lady, and an amazing ambassador for Jesus, and for Baptist Christians. Her skills, talents and giftings fitted well the needs of the Baptist family in our capital city. Her retirement created a special opening in the life of our union of churches, and I guess many of who had any kind of interest had been watching to see who might be asked to fill those shoes. Today  the LBA website  is announcing the news that Geoffrey Andrews from Perry Rise Baptist Church will be the name brought for consideration at a special assembly of the association early next month. God who calls and equips, who leads and inspires may your Spirit rest on Geoffrey, the LBA and your people in that great city, Amen.

Gungor "God is not a white Man"

Loving this video, surreal, trippy, joyful, and a wonderful counter to the dour folks who seem convinced that God hates us!

Your cross is too small

Ok, sorry, I need to get this off my chest. Listen, you, quit nagging me. You keep telling me to preach The Cross, and that would be great, except when you say that what you really mean is that I should preach your own, quite limited understanding of it. You see, the problem is this:   your cross is too small. If you look at the world and see only nameless souls that need to repent, your cross is too small. If you see people trapped in destructive patterns of behaviour, and think that if they’d only try harder they’d be free, your cross is too small. If you think it is human activity that impresses the perfectly holy God, your cross is too small. If you think the life, teaching, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus can be summed up into a message that says “Come to Jesus or burn in hell”, your cross is too small. If you look at social exclusion, and think all would be well if only they would repent, but otherwise it’s none of your business, your cross is too small. If you