Ten Predictions for 2017

In Hebrews 13:8 we are reminded of a timeless truth, “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.” 

This morning in church I shared that if something were true at the time of Jesus’ life, it’s still true today. If there was any truth in His teaching 2000 yrs ago, it’s still true today. If His life and ministry are an example, they are still an example to us now. If his death on the cross had an effect 2000 yrs ago, it still has that effect today. If His resurrection was a sign of anything then, it’s still the same sign now. If His ascension into heaven meant He was powerfully interceding for us then, and preparing a place for us, then those things are still true today. And finally that if the giving of the Holy Spirit, so liberally poured out onto humanity that Pentecost day, empowered Christians to live, serve, love and minister in the power of God at the beginning of the Church’s story then the same is true today.

Because Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever, I make these predictions for 2017, not based on an interpretation of the news, or my best guesswork knowing partial information, but based on the never-changing nature and character of God.

So, regardless of who wins what election, or what actions are taken re membership of Europe, nevermind who sets themselves up to change the world, or just one part of it; whether we will continue to see the slide towards a world of individual meanings, and a careless disregard for facts, or whether the sun shines and we live in growing peace, here are some things that will happen for sure in 2017:

God will hear and answer our prayers
God will transform this world, one changed life at a time
God will keep His promises
God will reveal more of Himself to us as we spend time reading the Bible
God will continue to love the world, and everyone in it
God  will forgive all who turn away from their sinful life, and follow him
God will not give up on anyone
God will send us blessing if we live in line with His word, the Bible
God will keep giving you power to live, love and minister for Him

And finally -perhaps most importantly when we consider the great upheavels in the world we are living through - God will continue to be in control


Anonymous said…
Thankyou for this - I don't feel as bad missing church today.
Anonymous said…
Amen we got to keep trusting in God & his word. Thank you & God bless

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