Responding to the mass movement of people through Europe

Today in church we considered some of the ways we might respond to the current situation that is filling news broadcasts and publications; the mass movement of refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants through Europe, the largest movement of people on this continent since World War 2.

Here I reproduce a handout we gave to church, and include links to agencies you might consider supporting, and also a video from Krish Kandiah of Home for Good.

You'll see that I add a little detail to his 5 suggestions then add a sixth too.

If you would like to add further ideas in the comments section, I'd be pleased to read them, thanks.

Refugee crisis : an urgent call to action from Home for Good on Vimeo.

Responding to the mass movement of refugees,
asylum seekers and migrant people
1.       Pray
a.       For the protection of families and individuals taking desperate measures to flee war and persecution
b.      For safety for those who are economic migrants, seeking to share the better life we in North and Western Europe take for granted
c.       For our government, that they would act justly, generously, wisely
d.      For peace and reconciliation in the regions of the world where war and poverty have caused mass movements of people.
2.       Connect people and property
a.       Some have rental properties that could be made available to house a refugee family
b.      See citizens uk and their work linking councils and landlords
c.       Pray and consider whether you can welcome an individual or family in your home
3.       Foster an unaccompanied minor fleeing persecution
a.       See “Home for Good”
b.      Let Jonathan or Kenton know if you are considering this
4.       Welcome
a.       Into our homes, streets and church activities
b.      Especially in our Dunstall Rd and City Centre sites
c.       Develop “Places of Welcome”
5.       Give
a.       Open Doors are helping Syrian Christians 
b.      World Vision Syrian appeal on homepage of their website
c.       Christian Aid have a special Syrian appeal too.
6.       Write
a.       To your MP encouraging them to make sure that the Government welcomes refugees, and receives a fair proportion of those seeking safety in Europe.
b.      Email them too.

c.       Sign online petitions calling for a better response, and those calling for an emergency debate in parliament.


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