A prayer for those struggling to sleep

There's been a lot of discussion of abuse and threatening behaviour on social media in the last week or so. On of those caught up in the crossfire, for daring to voice her concern at the degrading representations of women in "Lads mags" and on page 3 of The Sun is the theologian / songwriter / journalist Vicky Beeching.

Tonight she asks for prayers as she seeks to find peace and sleep following days of abusive comments and threats. So, I reproduce this as my prayer for her, and also other women, speaking out, shouting back, taking social media back from the voices and comments of an evil minority.

 From "Celtic Daily Prayer"
a prayer from Anne Wadey

The sky is bright with uncountable stars.
I know they are uncountable:
I have tried this impossible task
these sleepless nights.

Where are You, Lord,
as the fog of fatigue
numbs me of all
but the desperate desire to sleep?

Comfort me, Lord, with Your presence
as the ever-watchful mother
soothes the fretful, feverish child.

Grant me the gift of sleep;
and be the guardian of my dreams,
that I may know You through them also.

Or if I must watch with You through
the long, hard night,
share with me the burden of Your heart
that my sleepless hours
be spent in purposeful prayer.

And if you bless me once more with the 
gift of the morning,
may I rise,
grateful to greet You,
ready to walk with You
into the tasks of the day.


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