Baptists on Twitter, part 2

Thanks to those who've been adding their details either in the comments here or on twitter using #BaptistTweeters

Here's the next batch, with tweeting from the Scottish Baptist Assembly helping the search very much:

Rachel J Lewis (Amphill BC, Bedfordshire) @Rachel_J_Lewis
Barbara Carpenter (Stoke St Gregory BC, Taunton) @MrsCorny
Ami Martin (Green Lane BC, Walsall) @am1mart1n
Mark Thomas (Prison Chaplain, South Wales) @ReverendMark
Paul Lavender (Mount Pleasant BC, Northampton) @paul_the_organ
Shine Like Stars (Children's ministry, Stockport) @shinelikestars1
Chris Priddy (Youth Specialist, Swindon YFC) @chrispriddy
Geoff Cook (Faversham BC) @revgeoffcook
Judy White (Mission Development Co-ordinator, BUS) @wayfarersinc
Martin J Clarke (Hillview Community Church, Aberdeen) @martinjclarke
Steve Holmes (Lecturer, St Mary's College, St Andrew's) @SteveRHolmes
DanielSturgeon (Ayr BC) @prophetmargins
David Fraser (Alva BC) @RevRunD
Jon Magee (Lochgelly BC, Fife) @JonMageeauthor
Ian G Black (Dundee for Christ) @IanGBlack
Alan Donaldson (General Director, BUS) @AlanDBUS
Glenn Innes (Gerrard Street BC, Aberdeen) @glenninnes
Joanne Cowie (Ardberg BC, Rothesay, Isle of Bute) @jantieannie
Bob Baxter (Hawick BC) @bobbaxter85
Andrew Dubock (BMS World Mission) @andrew_dubock
Noel Slevin (SU, Glasgow) @Noelinho
Derrick Watson (Cathcart BC, Glasgow) @dlwespresso
Sarah (Biscuit) Skelton  (Neema Fairtrade, Ayrshire) @biscuitoria
Lynn Alexander (Author/speaker esp. Children's ministry &intergenerational worship) @lynnos
Alice McDermott (Minister in training at Scottish Baptist College, Glasgow) @alice_mcd
Graham Bell (St Ninian's Community Church & Prison Chaplain) @_grahambell
Gary Smith (Crown Terrace BC, Aberdeen) @busyscotsman
Ron Rye (Ardberg BC, Rothesay, Isle of Bute) @pastorrabbiron
Cara Wightman (Cathcart Youth Ministry Partnership) @radiatecathcart
Mark Morris (Calderwood BC, Glasgow) @demac18


Smoffi said…
Smoffi O'Leary @_Smoffi_ Tabernacle Baptist Church & The Church @ Broad Street - Wolverhampton

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