Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We are seeking to bring together the young people and their leaders from HEBA churches for a weekend of inspiration, training, encouragement and practice of mission from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September 2012. The weekend will be run with Chris Duffett (Evangelist and President of the Baptist Union from May 2012), Youth for Christ and Saltmine.  It will be geared towards mid teens to early twenties with the youngest being Year 9 in September 2012.
Teaching will be around sharing faith, street theatre, community development, understanding one’s identity in Christ, living for Christ day by day, and during Saturday afternoon the young people will be out and about in Coventry, working in groups with those experienced in mission activities, using a mobile skate park, football cage, street theatre, street cleaning and other creative ways of engaging people. 
£45 per person provided we receive your booking by 31 March 2012. Applications received after this will be £55 per person. 
Bookings need to be received by 30th June
Click [here] for further details and [here] for booking details.

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