Book Review; Building a Multi-Ethnic Church by Linbert Spencer

Following recent European election wins for the BNP, the mini-pogrom against Romanian immigrants in Northern Ireland last year, and concerns about immigration issues and the increased appearance of the BNP this comes as a timely read.

This book is accessible and comprehensive. Beginning with a biblical reflection on diversity in the Church, Spencer argues a strongly biblical and missiological case in favour of multi-ethnic congregations. He then very helpfully goes on to give an analysis of the current situation, and the patterns of migration that have led to where we are now. Something very valuable in dealing with and defining both a distinctively Christian, and positively truthful response to many of the claims and lies made around this subject.

This is also a very practical book, with a section on terminology that will be helpful to many, and with chapters offering valuable advice on developing diverse memberships, and planning mission in multi-ethnic contexts. From here in Wolverhampton it's particularly useful reading, and ought to lead to some ways of doing church and engaging in mission conversations that lead to a greater level of diversity in our churches, rather than what we have now, which is a few truly diverse churches amongst a far greater number of churches that have primarily got just one ethnic group in attendance.

World mission is now possible in our own towns and cities, this book is a helpful tool in making the most of those opportunities.

Published by SPCK

ISBN: 978-0-281-05905-8


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