Touching Heaven, Changing Earth, Tuesday night

The snow is falling once again, so if you decide not to come to the prayer meeting, or if you're unable to but would like to join others in prayer, then these are some of the topics we'll be covering this evening:
  • The power of God’s Holy Spirit to enable, inspire and embolden us in evangelism
  • That we make the most of opportunities we currently have (Stay and Play, Unity1, Contact, Mayday Festival, Football Car Parking)
  • That people grow in confidence in sharing faith
  • That we’d have wisdom about the right next steps in evangelism for the whole church
  • For the creation of a team to work alongside Christina, Deacon for Evangelism
  • For wisdom in choosing the right introduction to Christianity course (Alpha, Christianity Explored, Essence, Journeys etc)
  • The use of the church website, and other possible online ways of doing evangelism
  • Another evangelism course for church members this year (Contagious Christianity, or Just Walk Across the Room)

Alongside this you may want to read Joel 2:28-32 and Acts chapter 2


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