Mission in Ramadan

I came across a news item this morning, and had mixed responses to it: News article from the BBC

A church in Indonesia is preparing and then selling evening meals for their Muslim neighbours to break fast. They serve them in the church, and invite a local imam to come and say the fast-breaking prayers.

Could this (should this) translate into the UK, or is the current lack of sensible discussion and understanding too much of a hindrance? One of the things that challenged me most, and where I guess I'd need convincing would be inviting the imam in to say prayers.

I've been reading and reflecting on the story of Jesus feeding the 5000+ and loving that there was no theology check before that particular communion.

What thoughts and reactions do you have to this story?


Anonymous said…
Wow, sharp end stuff - I like the idea of a very small charge to get round the 'attempting to convert' argument. Not so keen on the threats from 'extremist groups'. It would be interesting to see how this went down in the UK and whether there would be any take up. Building bridges with the Muslim Community in Wolverhampton - it would be good to seek the views of the Asian Christian Fellowship?

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