Looking back, looking forward

Over on his thought-provoking blog, Leaving Munster, a friend of mine, Graham, has challenged folks to reflect on good things that happened in 2007 and their hopes for 2008, he asks in his post Three from last year, three for the next
  1. What three things from 2007 are you most thankful for?
  2. What 3 things do you hope/intend to do or not do in 2008?
I'm going to answer here, and I'd love to hear your responses.

So, from 2007, what would be the top three things I'm thankful for?

Firstly, it would be the successful fertility treatment that has resulted in a baby due in February. We've had three goes at treatment, and have had two pregnancies. Given that we reduce our chances of success greatly by the method we choose, I'm grateful to God for a precious gift of life.

Secondly, I'm grateful to be in a place in my life and ministry where I'm able to spend some time reflecting and researching bigger picture issues, as well as being involved in day-to-day ministry. To do this in a context where financial and practical support are given is a humbling thing, and I'm always aware that it is the generosity and sacrifice of God's people that enables this to be so.

Thirdly, it's family again. My wife puts up with me, with my erratic work life, and my times of stress and pressure. That she does this with grace and with love is God's most precious gift. My son continues to delight and has grown in so many ways. He really is a wonderful little chap. When i think of all the fears we had when he was born prematurely, it's even more amazing.

My hopes/intentions in 2008?
Well I'm not normally in the habit of making resolutions, and this comes dangerously close, however...

Firstly, following my mother's heart attack, and my fathers continued ill health, i want to do something to get fitter. I'm sure this will mean using the bike, and getting my lardy backside in the gym, but I'm determined to be able to actively parent both my kids for a long time.

Secondly, I haven't been watching enough films, or listening to enough music, or visiting enough galleries. So it's my intention to increase my artistic exposure in 2008. I figure I ought to do one of these each week.

Thirdly, I want to make it to this time next year sane, having figured out why God has us where he has us, and to see something of the emerging become a reality this year.

So, what's yours?


graham old said…
I hated putting the item about getting fit, because, well, everyone puts it.

However, one of my predominant reasons for doing it is the same as yours: not to look better, or fit into old clothes, or keep up with the slim-jims, but to be a better parent.

Thanks for sharing your list.

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