Advert : I am Product

This coming Sunday in Cafe Church we'll be thinking about how advertisers seek to entice us into gaining our sense of identity through the consumer choices we make. I like this video on the subject, and may well use it on the night. The text is:

I am product.
Your senses reel at the sight of my seductive branding. Your feelings of inadequacy heightens without me. I complete you.

Arms laden with disposable carrier bags filled with me, you feel a sense of purpose briefly kindled in your lonely soul.

I am built in a plastics factory by unhappy people in a land you've never been to. Shipped in bulk, stacked high in warehouses nationwide, I provide you with a sense of individuality you could not otherwise achieve.

You are Target Market, my End User Consumer. You need me, feed frenzy, buy me use me break me. Buy another.

I am worth the vice grip stress of debt. You are worth what you paid for me. Indulge yourself.

Suckle on the post-consumer afterglow. Tell your friends. Key in your pin number, sign on the line. Put me on your overdraft.

Do not question, only feel. Through me you fund the further exploitation of unnamed people, out of sight, out of mind. You are what you buy, become me.

I am the illusion of choice in your funnel-trap life. Consumer Lifestyle Choice. Wrap me up to go. Bribe your offspring with me.

Believe in me, I am all there is.

What would you be without one?


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