Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacancy - Entrepreneurial Minister / Missionary in Wolverhampton

We're looking for a special individual, couple or team to come and work with us in seeing this wonderful city impacted by the kingdom of God.

If what follows appeals to you, then feel free to get in touch for a more full profile, and ways of finding out more.

An Opportunity in Wolverhampton

Tabernacle Baptist Church is a thriving, ethnically diverse, welcoming church in Wolverhampton. For the last two years we have been supporting, and then merging into our structures, a church in the city centre called the Church at Broad Street.

The Church at Broad Street had once been a thriving evangelical church, but has, over many years, dwindled and struggled. The purpose of the recent merger is to release new ways of mission and ministry into that part of the city.

The location is a tough one. The neighbours are fast-food restaurants, sex shops, a homeless hostel, a nightclub and a rock venue.

Close by is the University, with a guesstimated 5,000 students living in halls and homes within a mile radius.

So, what’s the opportunity? In partnership with Urban Expression, and underpinned by the values of Humility, Relationship and Creativity, we're looking for a person or people with an entrepreneurial approach to ministry, regardless of age.

The potential is vast and exciting.

Come and start church from scratch; come and develop a 7 day a week mission centre in the heart of the city; come and develop a venue that will become the focus for creativity in this terrifically generous but needy part of the West Midlands.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be engaged in missional activity in a humble place, with people of vision and faith, then please pray about this wonderful city!

We're able to provide housing and cover ministry expenses and mileage.

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