Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue Christmas, 21st December

This year we're adding an extra service in to our Advent programme.

Blue Christmas is a time and space to explore the reality that for some people Christmas is a tough time.

Family breakdown, redundancy, bereavement, illness, loneliness and other pains of life can leave us feeling quite "blue" whilst everyone else seems to be having a jolly old time.

On December 21st (the longest night of the year) we'll be meeting for an hour to pray together, sing some appropriate songs, listen to and respond to some scriptures and share communion.

It'll be a time to be real, to remember, and to reach out for comfort and hope.

If you'd like a quiet and prayerful space to reflect on the pain of life this Advent, then you are most welcome, whether you have faith or not.

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SheepOfJesus said...

Was an awesome service... God does heal and thanks to this I have had one of the best Christmas's ever!!

He showed me where I need to search within to heal deep wounds!