Tuesday, November 13, 2007


From time to time I recommend books and magazines, and I’ve come across a new mag I want to encourage you to get hold of.

A few years ago, some friends and I started an organisation called Geezers for Jesus, we wanted to do a few things, one was to provide an online resource for guys to talk about the realities of living as both a Christian and a man in today’s world with all the challenges that entails (a quest for an understanding of what might be called a masculine spirituality), the other was to facilitate men’s gatherings around the country to be more relevant in their approach to men’s’ ministry.

Well, the first part, the online resource has existed for a quite a while http://www.geezersforjesus.org.uk/ , the second part has been slower coming.

With my Geezers for Jesus hat on I was delighted to find that Wesley Owen are stocking the new magazine Sorted, solidly geared towards Christian men, and british men at that! – rather like The Blokes’ Bible, this is real, accessible and relevant, not dodging tough issues. It’s got a good diversity of writers, and subjects and it’s quite cheap (£2.50).

Get to your local Christian bookshop and buy a copy, for you or the men in your life, and if they’re not stocking it yet, get them to. See also http://www.sortedmag.org.uk/


Jonathan (beardie) said...

Is http://www.geezersforjesus.org.uk/ an ex-website or is it merely resting?

Jonathan said...

It is still active - click through to the discussion boards, that's all that really happened with the site.