Friday, August 24, 2007


The Youth Camp that we'd organised for August had to be hastily re-arranged as the field we rent was waterlogged.

So last week, instead of taking our young people and youth leaders away for a week, we ended up offering a shorter, MiniCamp, based from Bromley, but with several trips out. The first day was a trip to Thorpe Park, a theme park with very good rides, and very long queues.

I hadn't been to a theme park for a very long time (aside from one summer working in one in my student days) and it wasn't until i had safely shepherded the lads i was looking after into their seats, and got strapped in myself that I remembered "Oh yeah, rides, kinda scary..".

The second day was at the seaside, based in Whitstable, and included the rather surreal moment of ten of our group in the sea swimming and playing, being watched by ten on the beach huddled under raincoats, towels, umbrellas to keep dry from the rain.

Friday we went up into London to do the Big Bus tour, a boat trip and a walk through Kensington Gardens where we visited the Diana Memorial Fountain. This has been much criticised, but i found it to be a quiet, meditative, innovative place.

Friday night we had a sleepover in the church buildings, and surprisingly managed to actually get a few hours sleep!

Saturday we stayed in Bromley with outdoor activities morning and afternoon and a barbecue at the manse to finish off our time together.

Each evening we had some devotional time where we refelcted on some of the miracles of Jesus, and where we spent time in thanks for all that we'd been able to do, and all that God had given us.

Altogether a lot of work, but very rewarding, and affording an opportunity to spend time with our young people and some of the leaders that up until now I haven't had the chance to do.

Kinda need a holiday now though.

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